Directory of Canadian Fishing Lodges, Resorts, Camps and Outposts


Manitoba Fishing Lodges

Aberdeen Lodge
Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge
Alpine Country Outfitters
Arrow lake Lodge & Outfitters 
Bakers Narrows Lodge
Bennett lake Lodge & Outcamps
Benson's Big Rock Camp & Campground
Big Sand Lake Lodge
Blue Lakes Resort
Bolton Lake Lodge 
Budd's Gunisao Lake Lodge
Burntwood Lake Lodge
Caribou Lodge Outfitters
Carpenter's Clearwater Lodge
Churchill River Lodge
Cobham River Lodge
Cormorant Lake Lodge
Crow Duck Lake Camp
Dogskin Lake Lodge and Outposts
Dunlop's Fly-in Fishing Lodge & Outpost Camps
Eagle Nest Resorts
Elbow Lake Lodge 
Elk Island Lodge
Evergreen Resort 
Fairy Rock Wilderness Camp
Fishing Lake Lodge
Gammon River East Outcamp
Gangler's North Seal River Lodge
George Lake Outfitters
Gods Lake Haven
Gods River Lodge
Grass River Lodge
Grey Owl Outfitters 
Harvest Lodge
Healey's Gods Lake Narrows Lodge
Hobbs Resort
Jackson's Lodge & Outposts
Jackson's Lodge and Outposts 
Kenanow Lodge
Kississing Lake Lodge
Kitchi Island Outposts 
Kum-Bac Kabins
Laurie River Lodge
Lawford Lake Outfitters 
Lynn Lake Fly-In Outpost Camps
Medicine Creek Adventures
Molson Lake Lodge 
Munroe lake Lodge
Mystery Country Fish Camps 
Neso Lake Adventures
Nootin Resort
North Haven Resort
North Knife Lake lodge
North Star Executive Outpost
Northern Spirit Lodge
Nueltin Fly In Lodges
Pine Island Lodge 
Pine Point Lodge 
Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge
Riverside Lodge
Sasa-ginni-gak Lodge & Outcamps
Sharron's Outfitting Service
Shining Falls Lodge
Silsby Lake Lodge
Silver Birch resort & Outfitting 
South Shore Lodge 
Tawow Lodge
The Lodge at Little Duck
Trail End Camp and Outfitters
Viking Lodge
Wallace Lake Lodge
Wekusko Falls Lodge
Wellman Lake Lodge
Westwood Lodge
White Lake Resort
Windsock Lodge
Wolverine Lodge



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