Directory of Canadian Fishing Lodges, Resorts, Camps and  Outposts 


  Ontario Fishing Lodges (1) 

Abram Lake Park
Agich's Kaby Kabins
Agimac River Outfitters
Agimak Lake Resort
Agnew Lake Lodge
Alexander's on Rowan Lake
Allanwater Bridge Lodge
Allen's Crow Lake Lodge
Amason's Obabikon
Amberlite Wilderness Resort
Amik Outposts
Anderson's Lodge
Anderson's Manitou Falls Camp
Andorra Lodge
Ballard's Black Island
Barber's Resort
Barker Bay Resort & Outposts
Bauer's Onaman Lake Cabins & Outposts
Bay Lee Mac Camp
Bay Wolf Camp
Bayview Lodge
Bear Creek Cottages
Bear Paw Landing
Bear Paw Lodge
Bear's Den Lodge
Beaverland Camp
Beda's Canadian Lodge
Berglund Outposts
Big Bear Camp
Big Canon Lake Lodge
Big Eagle Lodge
Big Hook Wilderness Camps
Big Moose Camp
Big North Lodge & Outposts
Big Pine Lake Camp
Birch Bark Lodge
Birch Dale Lodge
Birch Hill Camp
Birch Lake Lodge
Birch Lake Resort
Birch Point Camp
Birch Point Resort
Black Bear Lodge
Bliss Cabins
Blue Fox Camp
Blue Heron Resort
Bluffy Lake Lodge
Bob Green's Fishing Camps
Booi's Fly-In Lodge
Bow Narrows Camp
Brace lake Outfitters
Branch's Seine River Lodge
Brandts Resort
Brennan Harbour Resort
Brown Bay Camp
Brown's Clearwater West Lodge
Brunswick Lake Lodge
Bryer Lodge
Buck Lake Wilderness Lodges & Outposts
Bull Moose Camp
Bush Lake Resort
Call of the North
Camp Anjigami
Camp Carlisle
Camp Castaway
Camp Dore

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