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Understanding   "Lodge Search"   Features


 Once you have selected your search parameters, the qualifying fishing lodges will be displayed in a random list with a brief summary for each one including photos, description and a table showing the info valuable to your decisions. You will be able to map each fishing lodge, showing its location as well as be able to get driving directions and distance. You can print each fishing lodge's summary page or email it to a friend. Each fishing lodge summary includes a link to that lodge's individual website (click on the fishing lodge name hyperlink in red) where you can explore the fishing lodge in more detail and contact the lodge for individual questions, details and confirm pricing. If you register and log in, fishing lodges can be saved to your own personal "Favorites List" so you do not have to start over on your next visit to this site. This is important since each visit to this site will return the same search results but in a different random order. Click on the "Manage Favorites" link at top right of each fishing lodge listing shown in the search results. If you are logged in, you will see a button to either 'Add' or 'Delete' from Favorites. This button is not visible if not registered and logged in. Your favorites list can be accessed by clicking 'Manage Favorites' in top menu bar of each page while you are logged in.


 •  Province - Select Province of choice. Ontario and British Columbia are divided into regions for your convenience. Ontario is divided geographically. British Columbia is divided by Salt water and Fresh water fishing opprtunities.

 •  Region -   Ontario and British Columbia are divided into regions. Selecting either province will activate this field. Inactive for all other provinces. 

 •  Plan Type -  This refers to the meal plan being offered or facilities available for RV's and campers.  

         A.  American Plan  - Fishing Lodge provides all meals, no cooking required by guests.                     

         B.  Housekeeping -  Cabins with cooking facilities and guests provide their own food and do their own cooking. A main lodge  is usually close by for socializing and other activities. Also referred to as "European Plan".

         C.  Outpost  -  Remote cabin away from main lodge. This is a housekeeping plan and may be accessed by a fly in, boat in or portage. Fly in outposts will usually cost more due to airfare.

         D.  Rv Sites Hook-ups for RV's and trailers that may include water, electric and waste disposal. Meals not provided.    

         E.  Camping Basic campsite with firepit and toilet facilities. Meals not provided.  

•  AccessDescribes the way you get to the fishing lodge - car, plane, boat or train. Fly in lodges are generally more expensive due to airfare.    

  Species Choose the fish species you want to target. Multiple selections allowed. 

•  Weekly Start Price (in USD) -  This assumes a per person rate for a weekly unguided stay with a boat rental for a party of two fishermen with an American Plan (when available) as this is the most common. For fishing lodges that provide both "American Plan" and "Housekeeping Plan", we are showing the price for an "American Plan" even though a "Housekeeping Plan" may be available and less expensive. Fishing lodges that do not provide meal plans will appear to be less expensive but you must allocate a cost for providing your own food. Many fishing lodges will offer guide service for an additional cost. Some lodges include guides in plan pricing. Make sure you understand what you are getting when comparing by price. A few fishing lodges do not post weekly rates. For these lodges we have extrapolated their daily or week-end rates to calaculate a week's stay. Some fishing lodges do not post rates on their websites at all. For these lodges, pricing will be shown as "contact lodge" under the pricing heading. Lodges may change their rates at any time. U.S. dollar to Canada dollar exchange rates fluctuate. We try our best to keep up with these changes but always check with the lodge directly to confirm pricing. Please use our pricing  information as a relative comparison guide only. Keep in mind that fly in fishing lodges will naturally be more expensive and that rates may be determined by the number of people in your party. Some fishing lodges will offer more ammenities than others. Contact the fishing lodges directly to get an accurate and up to date rate quote for your group and understand what is included.

•  Guides Available -  Check "yes" or "no" depending on whether having a guide available is important to you or not.

•  Water Body You may enter a specific lake, river, or ocean if you are targeting a specific body of water.


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