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Canada  Fishing  Regulations


Fishing regulations will vary from one province to another and can even vary from one body of water to another within the same Province. There are some regs and rules you should pay close attention to. These include: 

                1)  Daily catch and possession limits

              2)  Minimum size limits or slot limits on a particular

                3)  Use of live bait

                4)  Limits on number of hooks per line and number of lines per fisherman

                5)  Requirements for barbless only hooks

                6)  Fish processing rules - most regs require that at least a portion of skin be left
                     on fillets to identify the species of fish.


In many Provinces, licenses can be purchased online prior to entering Canada, but in some provinces a stop at a retail or governmental location will be necessary. However, some fishing lodges may have licenses available. Some Provinces offer a "Conservation" fishing license that is less expensive but has more stringent rules on catch and possesion limits. Some Provinces also require the purchase of an "Outdoors" or "Sportsmans" card in addition to a Provincial fishing license. These cards are usuallly good for several years but are a prerequisite to purchasing a fishing license. When leaving Canada with any fish,  it is important that the fish be transported in the same vehicle as the fisherman that is claiming them. The fish should be packaged in clear plastic for identification and one fillet or whole fish per package to make it easier to tally. Following this procedure can save a lot of time and aggrevation at the border crossing. Check the regulations carefully for the region and water body you will be fishing and consult your lodge for any local additional regulations you should be aware of. Below is a lsit of links, by Province, where you can find the most up to date fishing regulations.


 British Columbia   Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO  BC)
 New Brunswick   Govt. of New Brunswick Fish
 Newf/Labrador   Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO Nfln/Lab)
 Nova Scotia
 NW Territories
 Nunavut   Nunavut Tourism Website
 P.E. Island
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