lake trout-fishing-OntarioWhat to Bring on Your Canada Fishing Lodge Trip

 Here is a long list of items that should be considered when packing for your next fishing trip to Canada. Some items will be essential and others will be optional depending on your location and time of year. Most fishing lodges will offer a list that they deem as essential for your comfort and success. Remember that in the northern latitudes, even during the summer months, temperature swings from daytime highs to nighttime lows may be as much as 40 degrees. Follow the concept of "layering" when packing clothes. You can add or remove a layer as the temperature dictates. Also assume two things - that it will rain and that there will be mosquitos.  If you are planning a fly in, keep in mind that each fisherman is usually limited to a maximum of gear measured by weight. 100 pounds per fisherman is a common wieght limit. Consult your fishing lodge if flying is any part of your itinerary. We have made this list "printable" so you you can check-off items as they are packed.


 Personal Items                                                Clothing                   

Soap                                                                    underwear
shampoo                                                              socks
toothbrush-toothpaste                                          sweatshirt                                         
shaving supplies                                                  T-Shirts
medications                                                          pants
comb or brush                                                      shorts or pants with zip-off legs
deodorant                                                             shoes
sunscreen                                                            slippers
insect repellent                                                     hats (one for sun, one for cold)
spare eyeglasses                                                 gloves (neoprene if possible)
lip balm                                                                flannel shirts
polarized sunglasses                                           windproof jacket
contact supplies                                                   breatheable raingear
towel (shower and swimming)                             rubber boots
toilet paper (in ziploc bag)                                   swimwear

General Gear                                                       Tackle

 extra car keys (held by another in party)            fishing rods
large cooler (cabin use/take home fish)              rod storage tubes     
small cooler (boat use)                                        appropriate tackle- lures, leaders,
paper towels                                                             jigs, etc.
1 gallon ziploc bags                                            filet knife
  (for fish/protect items in boat from water)         stringer
garbage bags                                                      knife sharpener
pocket knife                                                         hook sharpener 
multitool                                                               hand towels
mosquito coils                                                     marker buoys 
mosquito head net                                              mouth spreader
flashlight/headlamp                                             needle nose pliers 
first-aid kit                                                            rod repair kit
duct tape (of course)                                           measuring tape/scale  
camera                                                                minnmow net
portable gps/compass                                         landing net 
lighter/matches                                                    fish locator/depth finder  
small binoculars                                                  small tackle box/tray - for portages and
extra batteries                                                              day trips
whistle/signalling device
paper cups/plates
alarm clock
dry bag (keep items waterproof in boat)
insulated water bottles
insulated thermos jug
playing cards
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