Directory of Canadian Fishing Lodges, Resorts, Camps and Outposts  


ONTARIO Fishing Lodges (2) 

Camp Horizon
Camp La Plage
Camp Lake St. Joseph
Camp Narrows Lodge
Camp Quetico
Camp Waterfall
Campbell's Cabins
Campfire Island Camp
Canada North Lodge
Canada Outfitters
Canadian Fly-In Fishing
Canoe Canada Outfitters
Caribou Falls Lodge
Carpenter Lake Cabins
Castlebar Lake Lodge
Cat Island Lodge
Cedar Island Lodge
Cedar Lake Lodge
Cedar Point Lodge
Cedar Point Resort
Centre Island South
Century Lodge
Chalkley's Sandy Bay Cottage Resort
Chapleau Lodge
Charlton Lake Camp
Chaudiere Lodge
Cherob Resort
Chimo Lodge & Outposts
Clark's Resorts & Outposts
Clarke & Crombie Camp
Cliff Lake Resorts
Cobb Bay Lodge
Cobblestone Lodge
Colimar Outposts
Come By Chance Resort
Coppen's Resort
Country Camping & Cabins
Cozy Camp
Crane's Lochaven Wilderness Lodge
Crawford's Camp
Crooked Lake Lodge
Crow Rock Lodge
Crystal Beach Resort
Cygnet Lake Camp
Darren & Merri's Cedar Lake Camp
Davis' Bonny Bay Camp
Deer Lake Cottages
Deer Trail Lodge
Delaney Lake Lodge
Deluxe Camp
Discovery Lake Lodge
Dog Lake Resort
Dogtooth Lake Resort
Donnelly's Minnitaki Lodge
Duck Bay Lodge
Due North Outpost Camps
Eagle Falls Lodge
Eagle Lake Island lodge
Eagle Lake Lodge
Eagle Lake Sportsmen's Lodge
Eagle West Resort
Echo Lake Lodge
Echoing Lake Camp
Elk Lake Wilderness Resort
Ellen Island Camp
Errington's Wilderness Island
Esnagami Lodge
Esnagi Lodge
Evergreen Lodge
Excellent Adventures Outposts
Expeditions North Nagagami Lake Lodge
Fergies Corner
Fin & Feather Resort
Finlayson Lake Resort
Fireside Lodge
Fisherman's Cove
Five Lakes Lodge
Fletcher Lake Lodge
Flindt Landing Camp

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